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In-System Programming (ISP) Forensics

In this 5-day course students will gain the skills needed to perform ISP extractions from devices with eMMC and eMCP memory.


Students attending the Teel Tech In-System Programming (ISP) training will gain a comprehensive understanding and the skills to perform ISP extractions from devices with eMMC and eMCP memory.

Students learn how to determine if a cell phone supports the ISP process, locate the ISP connection points, then using a hardware / software combination of tools, connect to the phone and download its contents.

Students are provided with three sets of phones to perform chip-off extractions to understand tracing & connection points.

Students will remove chips from devices, locate ISP connection points using back tracing techniques, and then apply the ISP process to an identical phone to download the flash memory.

Students learn finer precision soldering skills as they solder to the resistors and capacitors of the PCB. And practice, practice, practice!


Students should have basic soldering skills and be comfortable working at the PCB level

This course is reserved for Law Enforcement Only, or in certain cases examiners that have been contracted by a Law Enforcement, Military or Government Agency.

Due to the sensitive nature of our curriculum, and industry, all potential students are subject to vetting prior to enrollment. We reserve the right to refuse registration to any person that does not meet our established criteria.

Course Itinerary

Day 1 Overview

  • Course Administration
  • Introduction to ISP / eMMC
  • Practice basic soldering skills
  • Practice precision

Day 2 Overview

  • Introduction to Chip-off procedures.
  • Hands on chip-off practical.
  • Instructor lead ISP practical.

Day 3 Overview

  • How to determine Day 2 ISP download is either intact or corrupt.
  • Student hands on practical
  • How to identify ISP points.
  • ISP student practical.

Day 4 Overview

  • Hands on ISP practical exercises (All Day).

Day 5 Overview

  • Review Day 4’s downloads.
  • Commercial forensic software and ISP downloads.
  • Final Exam

Evaluation Procedures:

All students receive a certificate of completion.

Included with Training

ISP Course Giveaway

  • Riff Box with adapters
  • Teel Tech Canada Soldering Training Boards

*Due to frequent updates and changes in equipment, actual training and class giveaways may change.

Laptop Requirements

Digital Forensics Google Group

  • Windows PC with two (2) USB A ports.
  • Windows OS
  • macOS with Bootcamp Windows
  • macOS alone will not work (No Virtual Machines)
  • 8GB RAM (minimum)
  • 100GB storage (minimum)
  • You must have admin rights or have the admin password for software installation.
  • NOTE: ALL Windows updates should be done prior to class.

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